With a history of service which spans across five decades, Heightwise are the leading name for steeplejacks across the UK. Our extensive experience has seen us gain the knowledge needed to successfully access and work on structures that are seemingly inaccessible. We have been called on to work on chimneys, church spires, windmills and lighthouses all over the country and have always delivered above expected results.

Whilst Heightwise are widely recognized as the leaders in installing the most effective lightning protection systems possible, our work as steeplejacks is not limited to the provision of this valuable service. We have the team to carry out any required external work on tall structures. Over the years we have successfully completed chimney repairs and rebuilds, dish and aerial alignment, steel chimney coating and painting and new build work. The name and reputation we have built up from the high standard of our work has seen us entrusted with contracts to work across the world, in particular in the Middle East.

We know that in this day and age there is a greater emphasis than ever before on Health & Safety measures, with companies always understandably concerned about the risks and liabilities involved in having work conducted. Heightwise has an exemplary track record in this respect, and you can be sure that we always make safety a priority. The safety measures we put in place are there to protect both our steeplejacks and those who are likely to be in or near the building we are working on. We always make a full survey of work sites before starting a project, analysing layouts and footage to see how the most protective yet accessible safety measures can be put in place.

Whatever your requirement is for work on a tall building or structure, and no matter how tall it is or where it is located, Heightwise are the trusted team to see the job get done.